Mika offers professional music production services from her studio, Studio 5B in Hackney, East London.


Mika’s studio, Studio 5B, provides the perfect space for co-writing projects, with natural light and a selection of instruments.

Mika is an experienced songwriter and has songs published by Catskills Music Publishing. Mika’s songs have been playlisted on BBC radio and synced to TV.

Mika has worked with a variety of artists, co-writing and developing new work with them. These include:


Mika offers fully engineered recording sessions at her studio, Studio 5B. Whether it’s a complete album, the vocals for a single track, an instrumental, or a voiceover recording.

Studio 5B has a DEMVOX isolation booth, a selection of quality microphones, an iMac with Pro Tools and Logic, Focusrite preamps, Adam and Yamaha monitors and a selection of keybords, synths, guitars, amps, pedals and other instruments.

Get in contact for bespoke package rates or any questions. Please see below for a general guide to prices:

Engineered Sessions start at £80ph

Short Day Session (Up to 5hrs) £250

Long Day Session (Up to 7hrs) £350


Mika has produced for a variety of artists covering a range of genres; from electronic pop, to nu-soul, to folk, country and jazz, to indie, post punk and electronica. Mika is comfortable working between genres and creating the appropriate sound world and style for the artist she’s working with.

From album and EP projects to single songs and instrumental projects; Mika can help lead a production  from idea to completion. Working with a variety of budgets, from self supported indie artists, through to fully-funded label projects; Mika can support the development of a music project and take it from concept to release.

Mika has a wealth of experience in music production, and has worked across a wide variety of settings. This brings an openness to her work, and she enjoys thinking outside the box and taking an experimental and eclectic approach to production processes.

Mika specializes in vocal production and often co-produces with artists, adding the finishing touches to productions she is mixing.


Balancing the different elements of a production and bringing cohesion and life to a track are all part of the fialising stage of mixing.

Mika mixes projects she’s produced and projects completely new to her at the mixing stage. Both bring challenges and the satisfaction of working in detail to bring a project to completion.

Mika works with a range of budgets, and can often offer package discounts for collections of tracks mixed as part of the same project. Lower rates are also often offered for independent projects on lower budgets.


Take your music project from idea to professional release