Sound / Music for Theatre

Between 2001 and 2006 I created a number of sound designs and original music scores for theatre productions, on the London fringe circuit, at the Edinburgh Festival, at The Barbican for the Barbican Bite 03 Commission and for work that toured elsewhere in the UK and internationally.

Here is a selection of show flyers and credits from these shows:

Ghosts in the Cottonwoods (Robert Gillespie, 2001) Arcola Theatre, London






Oedipus at Colonus (George Eugeniou, 2002) Theatro Technis, London

Passion Play (Robert Gillespie, 2002) Hampton Hill Playhouse & The Rosemary Branch, London

Edward II (Revival – Chris Kell, 2002) Cockpit Theatre, London


Land of Lies (Gerald Moon, 2003) Cockpit Theatre, London

Oedipus Rex and Oedipus at the Crossroads (Robert Gillespie, 2003) The Rosemary Branch, London


Mud (Tiffany Watt-Smith, 2003) Arcola Theatre, London

mud-flyer-front mud-flyer-back

The Argument (Theatre O – Joseph Alford, 2003) Barbican BITE03 Commission, The Barbican Pit Theatre, Edinburgh Festival, international tour



A Quiet Afternoon (Stamping Ground Theatre – Lucinka Eisler, 2004/5) Edinburgh Festival, UK tour and Riverside Studios, London

a-quiet-afternoon-flyer-front-1 a-quiet-afternoon-flyer-back-1