Here, Then , This


Here, Then, This

February 2010

Speedies, London, UK

Here and now, around you, what you didn’t at first notice.

Then and there, on a certain day at a certain time, what was here before now.

This and that, what is here and over there, what you hear and what you see.

Three chairs, three days, three recordings of what was here.

Here, Then, This is a work created in response to the space, displayed as part of a series of events in Speedies shop on Redchurch Street, London, UK, from the 8th to the 14th February 2010. The events were organised by Dinner With Daisy Records ( as part of a pop-up shop and album launch for French For Cartridge (

Here, Then, This consists of three photographs, each with a pair of headphones hanging below. The photographs are of three different chairs, which were for sale in Speedies during the weeks preceding the pop-up shop events. The headphones play three separate recordings made whilst sitting in the three chairs seen in the photos. Each photo, and its associated sound recording, was taken on a different day during the weeks leading up to the pop-up shop.

Original images and sound recordings from the work:

Sunday 240110



Thursday 280110



Saturday 300110